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Considering the all-out war against Whites and any mention of Nationalism let alone National Socialism and also after gathering much information over the years and hearing so many supposed "informed" opinions as to what is the best system for a given nation, realizing myself that those opinions were 'bought and paid for' not to mention the social aspects and pressures of the formulation of ideas and the fact that most everyone is an operative, an agent of some concept or ideology, or at least this is how I view the state of all of society at every level, I will dig into this question myself. I have no university background or education. Even in my own field, I learned through pushing for more responsibility thereby promoting myself through aptitude. I have a Camden School System education (be warned) but a whole hell of a lot of wherewithal that I intend to see myself through this task.


At the outset, I suspect that the best system for any given nation (a nation being the people themselves that comprise that nation) is National Socialism. That is not even based on me having applied my skills to this subject but again because of the response of the status quo and those powers that be, They make the case satisfactorily. Wonder if that is intentional.


Naturally, you would think that the administrative function of a given Nation would be to act in the best interest of its people (notice I did not say citizens, nor did I say "government"). The administrative system of the Nation would promote, protect, preserve, and secure those things that are the will of the people and best interest of the people. Not determined externally of the people. The opposite of what we observe in Western societies.


In order to effectuate the aforementioned, the most competent and qualified individual(s) for a given position, post, office, or appointment would be installed. Again, the opposite of what we observe in Western societies.


Moreover, the administrative system of that given nation would have at the ready the means to defend that nation heartily. Not drag queens in military positions.


These are the elements that I require to make my assessment. However, I have to inspect National Socialism closely and for myself in order to render a fair assessment. Really what I will be inspecting are the pitfalls to National Socialism in juxtaposition to the natural order of life. The Universal Law. Natural Law.


Thank you and stay tuned as we take this journey.

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